“SIS found itself in need of a new correspondent bank. Within two weeks, ACBB had us up and running. The staff went above and beyond to make this happen in a timely manner. Help was only a phone call away in our first cash orders and walking us through an international wire. It's great to call and talk to a person, not an automated phone system.”

Arline Hartley
Sanford Institution for Savings

Asset Liability Management

Through a partnership with FNBB Capital Markets, ACBB is able to bring the power of ALM4, a leading provider of planning software for commercial banks, to your bank. Using the same software as large money center banks, we provide you the detailed analysis you need to effectively manage your bank for greater profitability. Experienced A/L analysts dedicated to serving your bank’s needs are just a phone call away.

Asset/Liability Management Benefits:

  • ALM reporting, budgeting, and planning information available from one system at an affordable price
  • Customizable reports to include any graphics, numbers, ratios, or trends
  • ALM report analysis for effective communication with your Board of Directors, ALM Committee or regulators
  • No need to maintain costly software within your bank

Call Brian Good today at (717) 441-4516 or contact us and let ACBB help your bank compete more effectively.

About FNBB Capital Markets:

ACBB is happy to partner with a respectable firm like FNBB Capital Markets, whose ALM model program was independently certified by McGuire Performance Solutions and earned a grade equivalent to an “A.” FNBB serves over 600 community banks spanning across 22 states. Led by a team of seasoned professionals, FNBB has been satisfying the needs of community banks for more than 25 years.