“The ACBBXNET system is great; everything is in one place. It’s easy to get around. Everything has been great with ACBB. I can’t say it enough. Everything transferred exactly the way it should. I love that ACBB offers everything under one umbrella, from wires to ACH to International services. I highly recommend ACBB.”

Rose Scala
VP – Operations Officer
Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan


ACBB is proud to offer community banks BITS (Banking Infrastructure and Technology Services), its nationwide managed service provider for voice and data connectivity. BITS helps community banks improve their efficiency ratios by significantly reducing existing costs for all Voice, Data, Internet, Network Security, Core, and ATM circuits.

Inclement weather season is inevitably here. It's more than a year after Hurricane Sandy. Click here to see how your bank's Disaster Recovery plan can benefit from BITS' Colocation Services.

BITS exclusively serves community banks, like its parent company ACBB, and is funded and owned by several bankers’ banks as well as community bank investors.

It’s easy to determine the perfect time to join BITS through its FREE Communication Infrastructure Assessment (CIA). This evaluation identifies all of your existing contractual and equipment commitments related to telecommunications. It provides a benchmark for you to define how much you spend on telecom versus your competitors. All it takes to get started is an executive sponsor.

Traditionally, banks spread out their telecom-dedicated investments over multiple years with multiple contracts. Ask your internal resources when the timing would be right for you to potentially move to BITS. Unless they suggest a precise date and answer to that question, your bank will most likely keep missing the BITS boat for another 7 years because of components like contract auto-renewals and investments in routers,switches, and phone systems. The timing for BITS may not be right for your bank now, but the timing for the CIA is always right – now. Complete a no-obligation online questionnaire to evaluate the BITS opportunity timing.

BITS can save community banks up to 40% on their second largest non-interest expense after salaries and benefits. BITS understands the challenges facing community banks because of its unique ownership and passion for the industry. Let BITS connect your community bank. To learn how you can cut expenses using BITS, contact us.

For more information, please visit www.bitsnetwork.com.



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