“ACBB is the type of bankers’ bank you like doing business with because they’re experienced. They deal with you as a known professional. They understand your business and they take a personal interest in meeting your needs.”

Scot Browning
Capital Bank N.A.

Federal Funds Programs

ACBB provides committed Federal Funds lines for liquidity purposes and can structure a program to meet your bank’s diverse needs. With ACBB’s Principal and Agent Federal Funds Programs, your risk is spread and we inform you of banks in advance and by specific advice. Other benefits include:

  • Competitive rates. Available daily on our homepage or via ACBBXNET
  • Quarterly agent bank ratings to ensure upstream banks are rated well by reporting sources
  • Minimal overhead. No need to maintain accounts with numerous banks. ACBB handles the complete transaction for you
  • Auto Sweep. Funds can automatically sweep into Federal Funds sold/purchased without the hassle of a phone call or manual transaction

Let ACBB handle your Federal Funds program. We’re efficient, low-risk and here to help you. Call Brian Good at (717) 441-4516 for more information or email us.