Community Banking Goes Global

ACBB Connecting Community Financial Institutions to the World of International Wires

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania – ACBB has unveiled an international wire solution that uses the collective bargaining power of community financial institutions to satisfy the needs of their customers. Until now, the largest banks held an advantage when providing international transfers for individuals and corporations. The large banks controlled the information, technology, network, volume, and pricing structure which prevented community financial institutions from efficiently serving customer needs at a reasonable cost.

With the ACBB International Wire Platform, community financial institutions are empowered to provide customers with the technology to offer transparent, low fee pricing for all funds transfers regardless of size or volume of transactions. Community financial institutions can now attract, serve and retain customers across a growing area of need for both individuals and businesses. “At ACBB we have a lofty goal of democratizing international payments. We are redefining the marketplace and informing our clients that relatively small transactions do not have to cost more than large transactions,” said Joe Krzywicki, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer at ACBB.

ACBB’s mission is to create trusting partnerships that empower communities.   To live the mission, ACBB will only offer the new Global Payment Solution to Community Financial Institutions. ACBB began rolling out the solution to existing customers in early June.

About ACBB

Owned and managed by community bankers for community bankers, ACBB has been serving financial institutions since 1983. ACBB specializes in helping community banks remain profitable and competitive. The bank provides correspondent services to over 450 shareholder banks in addition to many non-shareholder banks throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions offering both credit and non-credit services. ACBB works with community banks of all sizes, including regional financial institutions. ACBB is headquartered in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, with a branch office in Glastonbury, CT and in Newark, New Jersey, where their technology subsidiary, ACBB-BITS, is headquartered. For more information about ACBB visit