Community Banking Goes Global

ACBB Connecting Community Financial Institutions to the World of International Wires

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania – ACBB has unveiled an international wire solution that uses the collective bargaining power of community financial institutions to satisfy the needs of their customers. Until now, the largest banks held an advantage when providing international transfers for individuals and corporations. The large banks controlled the information, technology, network, volume, and pricing structure which prevented community financial institutions from efficiently serving customer needs at a reasonable cost.

CEO Corner

Investing in a Culture of Innovation

Innovation often leads to disruption. History provides numerous examples of industry transformations including transportation, telecommunications and retail. The financial sector is constantly facing disruption from technology, changing customer behaviors and competitors from other channels, all of this compounded by complex regulatory burdens.

BITS - Message from the CEO - Q2

We are off to a strong start here in 2019 adding new clients, developing new products, and growing our team.

Its that time of year to keep a look out for members of our business development team and myself as we are attending and sponsoring many of the state association conventions and events this spring and summer. You can follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date on events we are attending and where we are going to be.

Credit Commentary

By David Brown, Managing Director ACBB Advisory Services

So, is the recession here yet? We have been hearing those recessionary drums beating for over a year now, but what does the data tell us? From a macro view, we are 10 years from the last recession, and we have had a recession nearly every 10 years since the 1970’s, so a recession is coming. As part of our Loan Review practice, we analyze data trends in the banking communities of the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic regions. Most recently, we looked at credit trends from December 31, 2017 to December 31, 2018.