BITS Spotlight

Welcome our latest customers, Taylor Bank out of Berlin, MD and Citizens Bank and Trust located in Trenton, GA.

Continued thank you to our existing clients, who are always willing to serve as great references.


With our 5-blade scissors we can help you shred costs, cut cords, slice vendors, shear risk, and trim complexity without cutting corners on compliance, quality, support, and most importantly customer service. Contact us today to get started on your free assessment!

Join us at ConnectedLive

With new threats, advanced tactics, and the full-on digital era of banking, your customers expect their information to be protected. 

This isn’t just the buzz word of today, this has been the challenge technology professionals have faced since the first network came online.  The more digitally connected our businesses become and the rate of technology advancements, Security is now everyone’s responsibility. 

Join us this year as we focus on Securing Tomorrow, with keynote presentations from Cisco Talos and Secureworks, in-depth sessions with leading engineers from BITS, and more interactive sessions to share ideas with your colleagues.

ConnectedLive is open to all BITS and ACBB Customers, you can register online or contact your BITS representative for more information.