ACBB Product Spotlight

ACBB Cash Logistics Solutions

To meet customer demand, financial institutions must access and process cash quickly, securely and economically.  Striking the correct balance of availability while minimizing the cost of transportation, processing and idle cash is paramount.  ACBB has partnered with one of the premiere teller cash recycler companies in North America, ARCA, to offer clients a comprehensive and tailored solution to meet cash handling needs.  Our shared goal is to offer institutions the ability to enhance customer experience, teller efficiency and the financial cost of transactions by leveraging automation.  We put technology behind your teller to enhance the customer experience.

ACBB Employee Focus

Earlier last year, we launched a comprehensive search for a Chief Technology Officer to lead our technology efforts. Throughout the process, we met with a host of impressive candidates – all eager to help ACBB accelerate in the race to deliver outstanding, tech-enabled customer experiences – and I’m pleased to share that Rich Thompson has accepted this key role.

CEO Corner

CEO Message

We’ve had an exciting year thus far and have been able to leverage the merger with Bankers Bank Northeast which took place last year. New customers and fresh opportunities have driven our growth and mitigated the shrinking number of banks in the market due to mergers and acquisitions.

ACBB Employee Spotlight

Willie Maddox

ACBB Employee Spotlight

Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, Willie Maddox oversees the company’s Risk Management and Compliance efforts.  She is focused on evolving the company’s risk management capabilities and chairs its Risk Management Committee.

Wire Transfer Red Flags

By Joanne McDaid, CFCS – AVP, Operations Officer
Cybercriminals are getting more aggressive in targeting money through wire transfer
requests. The number of attempts is on the rise and scammers are getting bolder and
more sophisticated in their efforts to trick consumers into wiring funds. Criminals like to
use wire transfers because the money moves fast and is difficult to get back.  While you
can’t always stop your customers from being victims of wire transfer scams, you can help
minimize wire transfer risk to your institution by having the right controls in place.*