CEO Corner

by Craig Howie
President & CEO

I’m honored to be selected by ACBI’s Board of Directors to lead the Bank into the future and excited to be working with such a talented team of dedicated professionals. Thank you to Jon Evans for his over 20 years of service as your President and CEO. Jon did a great job of growing the Bank, developing BITS as a valuable service for our clients and positioning the Bank for success in the future.

Farewell from Jon Evans

by Jon Evans
Former President & CEO

What a great run!  I was lucky enough to spend 20 years at ACBB with 18 as CEO.  I’ve met so many fine and talented people during that time.  Just as important, I have gained a true and deep appreciation for the value of community banks and the difference they make, most notably funding the needs of their communities, both the people and their businesses.  They also keep their customers monies safe; donate charitable dollars and sweat equity to their communities; provide jobs; and deliver the personal touch, which is truly the foundation of our industry, while embracing the future with electronic banking solutions.

CEO Corner

Embracing a Culture of Risk Vigilance

As we approach the start of football season, a sports idiom seems fitting. As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. Simple management of risk just isn’t good enough anymore. Transactions are faster, criminals are smarter and the stakes are higher. As ACBB continues its commitment to support and serve community banking, we made a strategic decision to not simply comply, but to embrace a proactive, enterprise-wide approach to risk. We believe this presents an opportunity for ACBB to get ahead of issues that will impact our clients’ ability to do business and create a competitive advantage. Our strategy stems from a combination of regulatory feedback, insights from clients and the recognition that there is no such thing as business-as-usual anymore.

CEO Corner

Investing in a Culture of Innovation

Innovation often leads to disruption. History provides numerous examples of industry transformations including transportation, telecommunications and retail. The financial sector is constantly facing disruption from technology, changing customer behaviors and competitors from other channels, all of this compounded by complex regulatory burdens.

BITS - Message from the CEO - Q2

We are off to a strong start here in 2019 adding new clients, developing new products, and growing our team.

Its that time of year to keep a look out for members of our business development team and myself as we are attending and sponsoring many of the state association conventions and events this spring and summer. You can follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date on events we are attending and where we are going to be.

CEO Corner

I would first like to thank all of our shareholder banks (or customers) for their support and business over the past year. It is because of you that your bankers’ bank was able to grow in both size and profitability, as well as service offerings. Our team continues to work hard in providing more value for helping you compete more effectively. A recap of events and some of our benefits follow: