CEO Corner

Investing in a Culture of Innovation

Innovation often leads to disruption. History provides numerous examples of industry transformations including transportation, telecommunications and retail. The financial sector is constantly facing disruption from technology, changing customer behaviors and competitors from other channels, all of this compounded by complex regulatory burdens.

 Our firm belief is that the community banking business model can survive and thrive but not without change. We have embarked on a journey and are investing in a culture to attract and retain talent that will drive innovative solutions to enable our community bank clients to attract, retain and grow customers, relevance and revenue.

This week ACBB launched a suite of global payment solutions designed to meet the needs of business and consumer clients as they travel and transact internationally whether by currency, check or electronic funds transfer. The heart of the solution is an international wire transfer capability with leading-edge functionality that increases efficiency, effectiveness control and economic value. Our aggregator model leverages our $2 Billion in annual international wire transactions to offer access to over 40 currencies through an integrated portal to ensure competitive, real-time exchange rates that will enhance customer experience and your non-interest income earning potential.

Coming soon is a suite of treasury management solutions designed to enhance the controls and economics surrounding working capital management for our financial institution clients and their business customers. These tools will enable your institution to differentiate your commercial relationship offerings with value-added capabilities and go head-to-head with any bank in the Country and win. Our charter of being a partner and never a competitor, combined with a unique strategy of “insight to implementation” will differentiate us from all providers but more importantly enable you to be proactive in your delivery of these capabilities and compliment your team with the resources and expertise of ours.

Disruption can lead to opportunity and we are excited to assist our clients in shaping the future of community banking as we face these challenges together.