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We’ve had an exciting year thus far and have been able to leverage the merger with Bankers Bank Northeast which took place last year. New customers and fresh opportunities have driven our growth and mitigated the shrinking number of banks in the market due to mergers and acquisitions.

Credit Corner

By David Brown, Managing Director ACBB Advisory Services

So, six months ago I reported that, while we were not in a recession, there were strong indicators in the commercial loan portfolios. The commercial credit indicators (Past Due, Non-Accruals and Charge-offs) were nearly all negative for 2018. Further, 66% percent of the “experts” believed we would be in a recession by Qtr. 4, 2019. Now we are in Qtr. 4, 2019. I have reviewed the first half of 2019’s commercial loans credit profile and read multiple economic reports. I can definitely state we are NOT in a recession. After that, it’s anyone’s guess.

ACBB Product Spotlight

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Enhancement for ACBBXNET

Alternative to Biometrics – One-Time Password Authentication is now available!

Financial institutions today face an important challenge: They need to comply with guidelines established by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) for securing their online services, while also maintaining a smooth and seamless experience for customers. FFIEC strongly recommends the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) to mitigate the risk of a breach and to promote cyber-security.

BITS Spotlight

Happy Fall!  It’s been a busy few months at BITS.  In addition to our own ConnectedLive customer conference (more on that below), we attended a number of great events across the country, including the Jack Henry Annual Conference, the Association for Financial Technology’s Fall Summit, Data Center, Inc.’s Annual Bankers Conference, Iowa and Indiana’s Bankers Conventions, and many one-day forums and meetings.  

CEO Corner

Embracing a Culture of Risk Vigilance

As we approach the start of football season, a sports idiom seems fitting. As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. Simple management of risk just isn’t good enough anymore.