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ACBB’s Online Communications Platform - ACBBXNET

By using ACBB’s online platform, you are able to enjoy a customized platform to meet your specific needs. Our platform is fast, secure and convenient.

  • Eliminate the expense of having a direct connection to Fed
  • View and print ACBB statement(s) at your convenience
  • Immediate confirmations of wires sent and received
  • Maintain compliance with wire transfer activity and ACH activity retention
  • Originate and receive ACH activity
  • ACH Risk Management application so you can mitigate risk by customer
  • Receive Fed Funds rates paid for the current month
  • Originate and receive domestic wires
  • Originate and Receive Large Dollar Returns and Check Adjustments
  • Cash Letter Return items from FRB can be received electronically 
  • Make direct transfers of funds to another ACBB customer’s account

Third Party Wire Transfer Service

As an ACBB respondent bank, you can view incoming wires to your Fed account on our online platform and can send wires from either your FRB account or your ACBB account, all from the same platform.  This service allows you to provide your bank’s ABA number to your customers for wire activity.

You are also able to authorize ACBB to be set up as contingency site if your own Fedline is down.

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